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Code of Conduct

At the FEBS Advanced Course 5th Danube Conference on Epigenetics, we aspire to create a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming professional environment for all participants. Our goal is to facilitate valuable learning and updates across the fields of epigenetics while fostering meaningful connections and interactions among fellow researchers.

We expect all participants to conduct themselves with integrity and respect, contributing positively to the meeting's objectives. Please note the following guidelines:

Audio, Photo, and Video Recording:
Recording by any device (e.g., cameras, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, watches) during oral sessions is strictly prohibited, unless prior permission is obtained from the Conference organizer. Mobile phones must be switched off or set to silent mode during sessions. Recording and photography in the poster areas are also prohibited, unless consent is obtained from the poster presenter and the Conference organizer.

Blogging Policy:
Participants are reminded that all unpublished data presented at the Conference should be treated as confidential and not discussed outside the meeting without the presenter's written permission. This policy applies to professional writers/journalists and non-journalists blogging about the conference.

Other Meeting Etiquette:
Be polite and respectful in all communications, whether in person or by text.
Inappropriate behavior, including harassment, sexual misconduct, and identity-based discrimination, will not be tolerated.

Please respect the management of session questions and timings by the session Chairs.
Any issues can be reported to elesetele@diamond-congress.com.
The Conference Organizers reserve the right to take appropriate action for inappropriate behavior, including revoking entry to sessions, deleting app user accounts, and reporting to a participant’s institution.


  • Youth Travel Fund Grants
    5 June 2024
  • Payment of early registration fee
    15 July 2024
  • Submission of abstracts
    5 July 2024
  • Recommended date for hotel reservation
    31 August 2024
  • Cancellation of registration without penalty
    31 August 2024

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